Shipping from USA to Canada

At Freightxtension we specialize in shipping from the USA to Canada. Whether you are just starting to ship to Canada or already have experience, it pays to ship with the experts. There are many differences between Canada and the USA, primarily in population density. With approximately one tenth of the population spread out across a larger geographic area and customs regulations, shipping to Canada from the USA can present some unique challenges.

Take the stress out of shipping from the USA to Canada by having an expert with extensive resources, options & facilities on your side.

At FreightXtension, Your Freight Matters!

The United States and Canada are the largest trading partners in the world. That is tremendous market potential for your business. With trucks moving 90% of all consumer goods and food products it becomes very difficult to find a business that is not affected by the freight industry. The right choice in transportation partners can have an extraordinary impact on your organization’s brand and reputation.

When you partner with us your network includes

  • Regional experts

  • Customs specialists on the ground

  • Easy, cost effective solutions to reach your clients and suppliers

  • Stress-free shipping from the USA to Canada.

  • Total coverage & exceptional service

  • Unprecedented selection of simplified, per pallet prices

  • Self -serve NMFC freight class based TMS rating to Canada.

USA to Canada Shipping Options

  • LTL Shipping from USA to Canada

  • Courier Package Shipping from USA to Canada

  • Truckload Shipping from USA to Canada

How Does It Work?


We take care of finding the right carrier, with the right equipment at the right price. We arrange the pickup & track your shipment for you throughout the process, keeping you informed until it arrives safely at its destination. NO STRESS. NO HASSLE. ON BUDGET.

No matter what size shipment or where it is being shipped, we have you covered with exceptional service and highly competitive rates.
We believe ourselves to be industry leaders and the best in what we do. Working with us, you’ll receive efficient and friendly service guaranteed
PLUS we strive to enhance your reputation with your current and potential clients.
For more information about FreightXtension or our shipping options | Call Toll Free at 1-844-FRTXTEN (844-378-9836)

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