FreightXtension works for you as an extension of your organization, ensuring you get exceptional service at the right price without sacrifice!

FreightXtension works for you as an extension of your organization.

We ensure you get exceptional service at the right price, without sacrifice! Freight shipping should be an easy and cost effective process, which is why we offer you a refreshing experience with highly competitive rates, dependable service and extensive freight options. We ship anywhere across North America, from small packages and skids right up to full truckloads. No matter what size shipment or where it’s being shipped, we make the entire process easy & cost effective.

Technology + Discounted Rates + Exceptional Customer Service = Freightxtension.

Stop wasting time calling around and comparing quotes! Get live quote comparisons from over 100 carriers instantly using our free online quoting tool. Fast and easy …. Simply enter a couple key pieces of information and within seconds receive quotes from leading carriers all over the country. Easily convert quote to shipment and print BOL. System automatically generates and dispatches your order to the carrier live. Now that`s easy!

We truly are the freight shipping company you can trust & rely on!

As an extension of your organization, our knowledge is yours.

Our team is at your service every step of the way to answer any questions you may have about shipping your freight.

We encourage you to use your FreightXtension team as often as you like.

Common Shipping Questions

► How can I avoid claims?
How far can a driver legally drive in a day?
What is changing in transportation?
What does this new legislation mean?
How do I calculate cubic feet?
How will the location of my supplier affect my cost?

No matter what size shipment or where it is being shipped, we have you covered with exceptional service and highly competitive rates.
Working with us, you’ll receive efficient and friendly service guaranteed!!
For more information about FreightXtension or our shipping options | Call Toll Free at 1-844-FRTXTEN (1-844-378-9836)

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